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New Single

Florin Stoica – No One Like You

Written by: Florin Stoica   

Produced by: Bangerz Records, Florin Stoica

Hi, I’m Florin Stoica, music producer from the day I was born 🙂 Some say that I’m a versatile music producer, but the truth is I can’t stuck on only one genre!

I like them all! From POP music to Dancehall Reggaeton, from Trance to Tech House, from Deep House to Electronic Dance, there’s plenty of hot vibes in the air…we must taste them all , like all the colors of rainbow ..and even deeper , we can feel the sounds we can’t hear , because the Music is In The Empty Spaces between the notes.

Right there our souls fill the gaps with our own music derivate from the sounds we hear , like a tree branches …

Each song can trigger different vibes, moods, feelings in each one of us , that’s why we can’t limit on one genre of music

Like one of my DJ friends said some time ago, Now I’m back in town again to get you on the dance floor ! Or just to nod to the beat 🙂 goosebumps is a must have also

You can help me a lot just Following me on Spotify , to spread my music into your playlists for a collective vibe of love, good feelings and harmony .. Love you all!


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